Applied Research

In the last few years, the contextual conditions for organizations have changed considerably due to technical and digital, as well as social, legal and ecological developments. The Transdisciplinary Research Center of Innovation & Entrepreneurship Ecosystems (TRIE) endeavors to make a valuable contribution to the analysis, design and generation of strategic ecosystemic solutions to cope with numerous challenges to the economy. To achieve this goal, the Center relies on fundamental research and close cooperation with business representatives, public governance institutions and citizens in general, through an approach based on co-creation of value, and an applied research orientation. It’s our aim to build research-knowledge based ecosystems, mainly focusing on closing the GAP between “old blood and young blood”, namely, well established small, medium and large companies, as well as start-ups and governance bodies


  • 3 projects for FCT Research projects call 2021 2021;

  1. PTDC/EGE-OGE/3218/2021 – Title: Study and understanding of perceptions of the Health, Wellness and Safety Ecosystem associated with Tourism – Insights for the strategic re-construction of the image of a tourist destination – Portugal – VALUE: 243.360, 60 euros IR Américo Mateus
  2. PTDC/EGE-OGE/5060/2020 – Lean management: a tool for the sustainability of the hotel sector. Responsible researcher: Maria João Machado.
  3. PTEXPL/EGE-OGE/1483/2021 – Reactivating short term rental: determinants of choice and satisfaction – IR Álvaro Dias


  • 3 projects preparation for Horizonte-Europe calls:

  1. CIRCULAR ECONOMY (R)EVOLUTION – Igniting the Cognition and Behavioral Change in Schools and Their involving Neighborhoods – Consortium Building for Pillar 2 Clusters 6 destination 6.3 – in preparation for Call 2022 – Partners from Ireland, Spain, Netherlands, Austria, Norway, Denmark and Sweden – IR Américo Mateus / Susana Leonor / Gabriel Patrocinio 
  2. IMPOSSIBLE PLASTICS Consortium – TRIE é o parceiro do Consórcio que está a ser formado e liderado pela Empresa Sueca Impossible Plastics – O TRIE ficará responsável pela vertente da Participação e emvolvimento das comunidades e dos cidadãos no Projeto, cujo objetivo é a implementação do modelo de negócios circular e da fábrica de transformação de residuos de plástico em novos produtos patenteada pela Impossible Plastics em vários paises europeus. – Cluster 6 Destination 6.3 – call 2022 
  3. COST Action proposal (OC-2021-1-25065). ALTERNATIVES: Re-designing alternatives to mass tourism, a catalyst for social impact and resilience. Proposal for EU-funded network with over 65 members from 35 countries. – IR Fiona Bakas
  • 6 Self-financed applied research projects:

  1. “Prevention of Dating violence. Pre-service teachers as conveyers of gender equality values (Predavi)”, com investigadores da Universidade de Granada, UGR (Espanha), Universidade Lusófona do Porto e Sapienza Universidad de Roma (Italia). – IR Sonia Ribeiro 
  2. Social and community development project “Memorizar”. It is a project supported by Portugal Social Innovation and financed by the European Union through the European Social Fund. It is an innovative social action project, which operates in the field of dementias and whose objective is to delay the symptoms of dementia in the beneficiaries of this project. It has a multidisciplinary team consisting of a neurologist, a neuropsychologist, a psychologist, an occupational therapist and a social worker. Assumes coordination functions. – IR Sonia Ribeiro
  3. SMART SENSES – Development of innovative solutions to integrate the Smart City Lagoon related to – Water and domestic animals Reservoir – Partner Promoter CM LAGOA – IR Américo Mateus and Susana Leonor –IR TRIE Américo Mateus
  4. Research Project “Impact of the pandemic on Social Workers: a comparative study between internship advisors/supervisors at Universidade Lusófona do Porto (ULP) and the Federal University of Juiz de Fora” with researcher Marina Castro from the Faculty of Social Service/Department Social Service Policy and Action/Federal University of Juiz de Fora Brazil;
  5. SANTOS, CLÁUDIA M. FERREIRA, MARIA EMÍLIA. Research Project: Historical and theoretical foundations of Social Work in Brazil and Portugal: background, memory and contemporary challenges. The research brings together researchers from different Brazilian and Portuguese institutions, with the Federal University of Juiz de Fora as the implementing institution of the proposal. They are: Federal University of Juiz de Fora (UFJF; State University of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ); Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (PUC-SP); Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul; Federal University of São Paulo (UNIFESP) ;State University of West Paraná (UNIOESTE); Portugal: Instituto Superior Miguel Torga; Universidade Lusófona do Porto.
  6. SANTOS, CLÁUDIA M. Supervision of Internships in Social Work: Study of Post-Pandemic Ibero-American Particularity. Project coordinated by Professor Alzira Lewgoy from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, in partnership with the ULP and the ISMT. Researchers: Alxira Lewgoy (UFRGS), Cláudia Mônica dos Santos (ULP); Alcina Maria Martins (ISMT).


  • 2 ERASMUS + Financed projects

 KA201-818E066A: Integrating Digital Learning Competencies into the Education Curriculum. IR Américo Mateus, Susan Leonor, Gabriel Patrocínio, Patricia Araújo

KA227 – SCH – 098758: The Little Entrepreneurs – TRIE TEAM: Américo Mateus, Susana Leonor, Álvaro Dias, Helena Martins e Catarina Gomes