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Américo Mateus

Álvaro Dias

Maria João Machado

Isabel Marques

Arthur Araújo


Mafalda Patuleia

MAFALDA PATULEIA has a PhD in Tourism from the Faculty of Economics of the University of Algarve. Graduated in Tourism at INP and obtained a Master’s degree from ISCTE in Communication, Culture and Information Technologies. She is the Head of Tourism Department of the Lusófona Group and Dean of the Higher Institute of New Professions (INP), where she also teaches, among other subjects, Tourism Studies and Sociology of Leisure and Tourism. She is President of the Technical and Scientific Council of INP. She teaches at various national and foreign universities. She has produced research in the field of Tourism, including book chapters, papers in scientific journals and conference proceedings, case studies, and working papers.

Catarina Gomes

Catarina Gomes. Completed the PhD in Management and Development of Human Resources in 2014 by ISCTE Business School, Master in Psychology in 2009 by the University of Lisbon Faculty of Psychology and Licenciatura em Psicologia in 2008 by the University of Lisbon Lisbon Faculty of Psychology. She is an Associate Professor at Universidade Lusófona. She published 9 articles in specialized magazines. In her professional activities, she interacted with 30 collaborator (s) in co-authoring scientific works. In its Ciência Vitae curriculum, the most frequent terms in the context of scientific, technological and artistic-cultural production are: Soft skills; Expectations of career results; Career management; Extrinsic expectations; Intrinsic expectations; Career outcomes expectations; Career management; Extrinsic Expectations; Intrinsic Expectations; Organizational change; Resistance to change; Work requirements; Organizational Change; Resistance to Change; Work Demands; Self-Leadership; Focus adjustment; Creativity; Self-Leadership; Regulatory Focus; Creativity; Self leadership; Extreme response style; Response acquiescent effect; Self-leadership; Extreme response style; Acquiescence response style; Psychology of human resources; Emotional work; Coping; Professional well-being; Master’s theses; Work engagement; Individual innovation; Team; Self-leadership; Individual innovation; Time; International mobility; Expatriation; Identity; Acculturation; International mobility; Expatriation; Identity; Acculturation; .

José Carlos Dias Rouco

José Rouco is an Associate Professor of Human Resource Management in the School of Economic Sciences and Organizations at Lusofóna University of Humanities and Technologies. He obtained his PhD from the Lusíada University in 2012. He holds a Master’s degree in Sports Training Management from Faculty of Human Motricity at Technical University of Lisbon. He has a graduation (5 years) in Military Sciences from the Portuguese Military Academy. Currently, he is the director of the Department of Air Transport and Airports Management, Subdirector of the Interdisciplinary Department of Aeronautics and Aerospace Sciences, Director of the Bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical Management. He was Vice President of the Research Center of the Portuguese Military Academy and member of the NATO Science Technology Organization and coordinator of the Leadership Academy of the National Association of Young Entrepreneurs. He teaches courses on crisis management, strategic and leadership, leadership and ethics, strategic marketing, international negotiations, human resource management, development and vocational training, organizational behavior and management introduction. He has taught and coordinated several intensive leadership courses (internal regime for 5 days) for young university students, entrepreneurs, bankers, and firefighters. He has taught and coordinated several vocational training courses for entrepreneurs in the area of strategic plan, crisis management, planning and organization, command and direction, motivation, conflict management, stress management, stress management in complex environments, construction of perfect teams and organizational behavior. He is a prolific researcher and has published a number of research papers in national and international journals. He has presented his work in National and International conferences of repute such British Academy of Management and Academic Conferences and Publishing International. He has completed six Army sponsored research project on “Combat training in urban areas using augmented and virtual reality”, “A Portuguese form of command and leadership in the Great War – Africa”, “Leadership Skills Management Model: Skills Management and Emotions in the Context of Operations in Urban Areas”, “Intergenerational Knowledge Management Model: Command and Leadership Portuguese Army (Lisbon)”, “Interactive Command Skills Simulation in security and defense and Leader – Command Ability and Leadership Style”. Currently, he is a researcher of a research project on Stressense funded by FCT, which was awarded the scientific prize. He is a regular reviewer for many International journals of repute like International journal of environmental research and public health, mathematics, religions, sustainability, symmetry.

Fiona Eva Bakas

Fiona Eva Bakas, PhD, is a critical tourism researcher and lecturer with international teaching experience. She holds a PhD in Tourism (Otago University, 2014), has 20 years of varied work experience (corporate and academic), and is currently a tourism lecturer at Lusófona University, Lisbon. In 2017-2020 she was a contracted postdoctoral researcher in a nation-wide project on creative tourism in rural areas and small cities (CREATOUR), at the University of Coimbra and in 2014-2017 she conducted research into gender in tourism labour; festivals; and events at the University of Aveiro. Fiona is a collaborating researcher of CCarq (Centre for Social Studies, University of Coimbra) and a member of research groups GOVCOPP (University of Aveiro, PT), and ETEM (University of the Aegean, Greece). Her research interests are: creative and cultural tourism, educational technologies, active learning, gender in tourism labour, events and festivals, qualitative and action-research methodologies, cultural mapping, entrepreneurship, ecotourism and traveling as an intention to learn a foreign language.

Filipa Reis

Associate professor at the Lusófona University of Humanities and Technologies. Researcher at TRIE and Author of some books and articles in national and international publications.

Carla Filipa Gomes da Costa

Carla F. Gomes da Costa is Director of the Degree in Human Resources Management at ISMAT, Portimão, since March 2019, and is also Assistant Professor in the areas of HRM and Organizational Behavior. PhD in Human Resources Management and Development, by ISCTE-IUL (2016), where she collaborated as an Invited Assistant Professor and Deputy Director of the Master of Human Resources Management and Organizational Consulting. She has a background in Psychology (master’s degree and degree) and Sociology (degree), and postgraduate degrees in various areas (e.g. Psychological Coaching; Training Planning and Management; Advanced HR Management) and specializations (TSSHT; Psychotherapy). Her experience in higher education, since 1997, has been in the areas of Management, Organizational Behavior, Psychology, having collaborated with several institutions (Catholic University; Piaget Institute; ISCE; UFP). In addition to teaching in higher education, her professional experience has been developed in the area of ​​consultancy and training within the scope of Organizational Behavior and People Management; in the area of ​​Health and Safety at Work, as Superior Safety Technician and Trainer; in the area of ​​Coaching and psychological intervention, such as Coach, Psychotherapist and Trainer. His research interests reflect the importance of disciplinary integration for scientific guidance and organizational intervention practices that promote change and sustained development (eg Innovation and creativity; social responsibility; health promotion and emotional management in organizations; executive coaching; gamification in HRM; organizational behavior). Her life motto: Love in everything we do is always the best guide for our choices.

Rosa Isabel Rodrigues

PhD in Management, specialization in Human Resources and Organizational Behavior at ISCTE-IUL. She obtained a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and in Work and Organizational Psychology from Universidade Lusíada de Lisboa, where she also graduated in Psychology. She has a Postgraduate Degree in Data Analysis in Social Sciences held at ISCTE-IUL. She is a professor at the Instituto Superior de Gestão where he teaches the curricular units of Scientific Research Methodologies, Psychosociology of Organizations, Development and Management of Competencies (1st cycle), Management and Performance Evaluation and Research Seminar (2nd cycle) and Human Resources Management and Organizational Behavior in training courses for positions of intermediate and higher management in Public Administration (FORGEP and CAGEP). She also teaches the Human Resources Management and Quantitative Methods curricular units in the degree in Tourism, at the Lusófona University of Humanities and Technologies.

Gabriel Patrocinio

PhD in Design Policies (Cranfield University, UK, 2013). His thesis on public design policies achieved a 1st place in the MCB Design Awards 2014 (Museu da Casa Brasileira). Holds a degree in Design from ESDI/UERJ (Brazil, 1982). Associate Professor in the Communication Design course at ISMAT Portimão. Professor at the State University of Rio de Janeiro since 1993, where he served as a member of the University Council, as Director (2004-2008) and Vice-Director (2000-2004) at the Superior School of Industrial Design, ESDI/UERJ, and as of 2014, Adjunct Professor at IFHT/UERJ. Organizer and author: Design & Desenvolvimento: 40 Anos Depois (Design & Development: 40 Years Later; book 2015; e-book 2018; 2nd prize at MCB Design Awards 2016); Design & Development: Leveraging Social and Economic Growth through Design Policies (e-book, 2019); Políticas de Design & Propriedade Intelectual: Demandas Para Uma Nova Era (Design & Intellectual Property Policies: Demands for a New Era, SEBRAE, e-book, 2018). Member of the Design Curatorship Council, Museum of Modern Art of Rio de Janeiro (2014-2016), and of the Design Advisory Group, Government of the State of Rio de Janeiro (2007-2009), he also took part of Boards and Councils of professional design associations in Brazil (graphic designers, product designers, design companies). He acts as a designer, consultant, lecturer, and curator of international exhibitions, among other activities.

Susana Manuela Gomes Leonor

Susana Leonor, PhD in DESIGN at Aveiro University in 2016 and has developed her path around creativity and technologies. Since 2018, she has been Professor at Instituto Superior Manuel Teixeira Gomes – ISMAT – Lusófona Group, and it’s also Director at Communication Design Degree and Creative Technologies Degree. Teaching since 2006 at Lusófona University in Lisboa and in the last years at IADE-EU, as been always connected to the different study cycles in the areas of creativity, design, technologies and innovation. Her research path has been linked to creative, participatory processes and the design of systems and processes, therefore also a great affinity for research in applied active pedagogical practices, and it’s something that applies on the courses that she manages. Currently integrates several research projects, namely Researcher member for two European H2020 Projects – URBiNAT grant nº 776783: where is leading the Participatory Design Task, and Co-Create grant nº 806616 / EU, where he led the Co-creation task for the Portuguese Partner (UNINOVA, Caparica, Portugal); and others in the national territory in the areas of education, innovation and sustainability. Her interest is mainly linked to the expanded field of design, due to the contamination of the different areas where design operates, having a greater interest in the development of research in the fields of Speculative Design and Critical Design.

Luiz Guerrazzi

Luiz holds a doctorate (2018) and a master’s degree (2015) in Management granted from Nove de Julho University (Sao Paulo – Brazil), in the área of business strategy. His research focuses on strategy and entrepreneurship, on performance, resource exploitation, decline and mortality of small companies related topics. He is the academic dean and professor in the Department of Business Sciences at the Portimão (Portugal) campus of Universidade Lusófona. He is currently pursuing a doctorate in quantitative methods applied to management at the University of the Algarve He developed a major capability in quantitative methods specially meta-analysis, structural equations modeling, multiple regressions and bibliometrics supported by multivariate statistics (factorial analysis and clusters analysis). His extensive professional expertise was acquired in executive positions of large companies. Luiz held positions mainly in the areas related to planning and controlling, such as Industrial and Commercial Planning and Control, Cost Management, Supply Chain, Project and Planning Systems (ERP). Further, Luiz took part in acquisition and restructuring processes, in Brazil and Argentina.

Ana Brasão

Ana Brasão. She completed her PhD in Economics in 2000 from Universidade Nova de Lisboa Nova School of Business and Economics and a Degree in Economics in 1993 from Universidade Nova de Lisboa. He is an Associate Professor at the Lusófona University of Humanities and Technologies School of Economic and Organizational Sciences, Unit Director at the Lusófona University of Humanities and Technologies, President of the Scientific Council at the Lusófona University of Humanities and Technologies, President of the Pedagogical Council at the Lusófona University of Humanities and Technologies, Direction of the 1st cycle in Economics at the Lusófona University of Humanities and Technologies and Direction of the 2nd cycle in Economics at the Lusófona University of Humanities and Technologies. She published 4 articles in specialized magazines. It has 2 book chapters. She organized 22 events. She participated in 2 events. She co-supervised 1 work (s) for completing a degree course. She participated as a Doctoral Fellow at. She works in the areas of Social Sciences with an emphasis on Economics and in particular in Economics of the Environment and Natural Resources. In her professional activities, she interacted with 11 collaborator (s) in co-authoring scientific works. In its Ciência Vitae curriculum, the most frequent terms in the context of scientific, technological and artistic-cultural production are: coaching; Good habits; foreign direct investment; Groundwater Management; advanced indicators; Sustainability; Efficiency; Feed-in rates; Skills; vectorial autoregressive models; Citizenship; Granger’s causality; Education; Common Property Externalities; Equity; Efficiency; multinational companies; Asymmetric Players; Nash Strategies feedback; Renewable energy sources

Gustavo Quiroga Souki

Gustavo Quiroga Souki, who holds a doctorate in Business Administration, a Master’s in Rural Administration, a specialization in computer science and a degree in Veterinary Medicine. He is currently a postdoctoral researcher at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Algarve (Portugal). He was a professor of the Master’s in Business Administration and MBA courses at Centro Universitário UNA. He was a professor in the Masters and Doctorate courses in Business at Fumec University. He was a visiting scholar at The University of Birmingham (England).

Pedro Pimpão

Pedro Gonçalo Tenazinha Pimpão was born in Lisbon, on April 27, 1981. He has two children and has lived in the parish of Boliqueime since 2006. He has a degree in Economics from the University of Algarve (2005). He has Postgraduate studies in Business Management from the Business School (INDEG) of ISCTE-Instituto Universitário de Lisboa (2009) and a PhD  in Management from ISEG-Universidade de Lisboa (2017). He was Vice-President of the Academic Association of the University of Algarve (2003) and an ERASMUS student at the Free University of Brussels (2004). He was an intern at the European Parliament (2007). He was Private and Business Manager in the Banking and Insurance sector for more than 5 years (2005-2010). He was FCT Investigator in Companies (2011-2014). He published three academic articles in international journals.

Sónia Mafalda Pereira Ribeiro

Sónia Ribeiro has a Ph.D. in Social Work from the Catholic University of Portugal and a Master’s in Family and Social Systems from the Instituto Superior Miguel Torga. She has a postgraduate degree in Protection of Minors from the University of Coimbra and a postgraduate degree in Social Economics-cooperativism, mutualism and solidarity from the Faculty of Economics of the University of Coimbra. She has a degree in Social Work from Instituto Superior Miguel Torga. She is a Professor at the Social Service Degree at Universidade Lusófona do Porto. She is Director-Coordinator at Santa Casa da Misericórdia in Vagos. As a social worker, she has developed her professional activity in several areas, such as domestic violence, children and young people at risk and community intervention. Her research interests are professional professional burnout and family violence, with the publication of scientific articles in these areas.

Sandra Patricia Araujo Bento

Patricia Araujo holds a PhD in Organizational Psychology and Human Resources (PhD, University of Porto), with a postgraduate degree in Business Management. She is currently an Assistant Professor at ISMAT and Responsible for Training at ABS- Algarve Business School;

Develops consultancy for multiple entities and is CEO of Método Positivo-Consultoria Organizacional, Coaching, Mindfulness, specializing in Organizational Happiness, Mindfulness, Human Resources Marketing, Employer Branding and Occupational Health, alternating and articulating between the corporate world and the university world and implementing bridges between them. University Professor, Writer and Researcher (author in more than 80 publications – book chapters, technical articles and articles in national and international scientific journals). At the same time, she develops a career linked to human well-being and potential related to meditative practices. In 2006 she started her path in Mindfulness, obtaining certification as an instructor by the Portuguese Yoga Federation (the first mindful practice of humanity). Over the past 15 years she has been a facilitator of various types of meditation, maintaining an open and eclectic stance and incorporating the scientific and investigative component (and her westernization). She obtained the Certification in Mindfulness from the Miguel Hernandez University and the Specialization in Coaching and NLP (European Business School of Barcelona). She has been a trainer for more than 1800 hours since 1999 – Certificate of Pedagogical Skills of Trainer (CCP) No. EDF 15160/99 DN. She is an international instructor at InsightTimer, where she is one of the few instructors in Portuguese (from Portugal) and bilingual, and at UDEMY, among other platforms.

Joao Borralho

Professor at ULHT where he exercises the functions inherent to the directions of the 1st cycle courses in Accounting, Taxation and Auditing and 2nd cycle of Accounting, Taxation and Finance, as well as teaching curricular units of various courses associated with his academic training and professional activity.
Holder of academic training in Accounting and Finance, PhD in Financial Economics and Accounting, Masters in Accounting and Auditing and Degree in Organization and Business Management. He has professional experience in business and public administration in the field of auditing, financial accounting and management. He conducts research in Accounting, Corporate Governance and Auditing, with several participations in international congresses and publications in specialty journals with indexing.

Carlos Capelo

Doctor in Management (ISCTE), Master in Business Sciences (ISCTE) and Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering (IST). Currently professor at the European University and at the Lusófona University (ULHT), and Managing Director at Galp Energia. He started his activity as a researcher in the field of Nuclear Power Plant Engineering (LNETI). Subsequently, he exercised various functions in the areas of research and university teaching, namely at IST and ISG. At the same time, he developed a career in business management as well as training and management consultancy activities. He is a specialist in Modeling and Strategic Learning, with research and several national and international publications carried out in this field.

Carlos Miguel Oliveira

Carlos Miguel Oliveira is Coordinating Professor at ISLA – Polytechnic Institute of Management and Technology since 1998. He has a PhD in Management since 2014 and has held various positions at ISLA. Currently, in addition to teaching, he assumes the functions of Director of the Superior School of Management and Director of the Masters in Management and Human Resources Management. He is responsible for projects such as CESPE – Center for Services and Projects Abroad and OESE – Observatory of Social and Economic Studies. He has published more than a dozen scientific articles in international journals and conferences in the field of Management.

Manuela Maria Cardoso de Oliveira

She has a PhD from Universidade do Porto in 2014. My background is programming and maths, my “work of field” is the management and operational research, and developed my Ph.D. thesis on fishery fleets performance and management. I am a university professor and consultant in two different HR companies. I see myself as an optimizer. I help people by showing them how to work goal-oriented with the least possible resources. In class, I try to make the bridge linking what young people should know and what they really need to know in the labor market despite the industry. What industry most passionate me? – all of them! – It’s the challenge, not the industry that really moves me!

Ana Isabel Lorga Silva

Ana Lorga da Silva completed her PhD in Applied Mathematics to Economics and Management in 2005 by the University of Lisbon and her PhD in Computer Sciences in 2005 by the Conservatoire National des Arts et Metiers, in Co-tutelage regime. Currently, she is Associate Professor at Lusófona University, Lisbon, Portugal. Her research focuses on Applied Mathematics, with specialisation in missing data treatment. Since 2014 collaborates with Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México. Recently she organized national and international conferences JOCLAD2020 and 62nd International Scientific Conference on Economic and Social Development, respectively.

Teresa Palrão

Teresa Palrão completed her PhD in Tourism Management in 2019 by the Universidade Europeia Lisbon. Currently, she is Assistant Professor at Lusófona University, Lisbon, Portugal. Her research focuses on Marketing and Tourism. Extensive professional experience has marketing Director and She has several scientific articles publishes in Scopus indexed Journals.


Lara Santos

Lara Marisa Santos, PhD in Marketing and Strategy (2019) awarded by a consortium formed by University of Minho, University of Aveiro and University of Beira Interior, Master’s in Social Economy (2009) by University of Minho and a Degree in Social Service (2006) awarded by the Portuguese Catholic University. At the moment she is an Assistant professor at School of Communication, Architecture, Ars and Technologies of the Lusófona University of Porto. She is also, invited Assistant professor at the School of Communication, Administration and Tourism of the Polytechnical Institute of Bragança. She is a researcher at TRIE and is reviewer for Cross Cultural & Strategic Management Journal

Milanez Silva de Souza

Milanez Silva de Souza . Completed a Doctorate (PhD) in Administration in 6/2000/05 from the University of São Paulo, Master in Accounting in 1991/09/19 from Fundação Getúlio Vargas, Bachelor of Accounting in 7/31/1981 from the Federal University of Pará and Financial Executive MBA in 10/01/1993 by the Brazilian Institute of Capital Markets. He has published 7 articles in specialized magazines. It has 2 book chapters. He supervised 15 master’s dissertations. Received 3 awards and/or honors. He participates and / or participated as an Investigator in 1 project and Responsible Investigator in 2 projects. He works in the areas of Social Sciences with an emphasis on other Social Sciences. In his Ciência Vitae curriculum, the most frequent terms in the context of scientific, technological and artistic-cultural production are: accounting and finance.

Carla Marisa Rebelo de Magalhães

She completed his PhD in Business Sciences (Management – Human Resources), in 2009, from the University of Minho (School of Economics and Management), in partnership with the Getúlio Vargas Foundation of Rio de Janeiro. Has a Master’s in Public Administration (with specialization in Human Resources and Marketing), since 2003, by the Brazilian School of Public and Business Administration – Fundação Getulio Vargas (Rio de Janeiro) and Degree in International Relations, since 1997, by Fernando Pessoa University . She is an Associate Professor at the Universidade Lusófona do Porto (Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences of the Company), where she directs the 1st cycle of studies in Management and Human Resources Development, Invited Professor Equated to Assistant Professor at the University of Minho (School of Economics and Management ) and Researcher at TRIE and the Center for Population Studies, Economy and Society (CEPESE).

Ricardo Manuel Magarinho Bessa Moreira

Doctorate in Social Sciences, Psychology specialty by Universidade Fernando Pessoa 2011. Master in HRM by Universidade do Minho 2004.  Degree in HRM by ISLA 1998. 

Alexandra Maria de Almeida Matos Pereira

Alexandra Maria de Almeida Matos Pereira. She completed her PhD in Tourism, Leisure and Culture, in 2017, at the University of Coimbra, Faculty of Arts; the Master’s Degree in Translation Studies, in 1998, from the University of Porto, Faculty of Arts and the Degree in Modern Languages ​​and Literatures, in 1985, from the University of Porto, Faculty of Letters. She was a Researcher at the Center for the Study of Population Economics and Society; Visiting Assistant Professor at the University of Coimbra, Faculty of Arts; Assistant Professor at Grupo Lusófona and Co-Coordinator of the 1st Cycle of Studies in Tourism at the Polytechnic Institute of Management and Technology Escola Superior de Gestão. She has published 6 articles in specialized magazines. It has 3 book chapters and 1 book. She organized 18 events. She participated in 10 events. She supervised 10 undergraduate/baccalaureate course completion works. She received 1 award and/or honor. She works in the areas of Social Sciences with an emphasis on Economic and Social Geography and Humanities with an emphasis on Tourism. In her professional activities, she interacted with 32 collaborators in co-authorship of scientific papers. In its Ciência Vitae curriculum, the most frequent terms in the context of scientific, technological and artistic-cultural production are: Touring Tourism; Roots Tourism; Tour Guiding; Tourism Destination Image; Consumer behavior (motivations, perceptions, satisfaction, loyalty); Multivariate Data Analysis (SEM).

Carla Carvalho

PhD in Social Education / Social Pedagogy from the Faculty of Educational Sciences, University of Granada. Degree in Social Work from Instituto Superior Miguel Torga in Coimbra. PhD student in the 3rd year of the PhD in Social Work at ISCTE- Instituto Universitário de Lisboa. Professor in the degree in Social Work. With several publications in national and foreign scientific journals in the area of domestic violence; she coordinated the 2013-2015 Municipal Plan against Domestic Violence. Porto: Porto City Council. Since 1999 she develops the activity of Superior Technician of Social Service at Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Oliveira de Azeméis, having worked as technical director of the nursing home, day care center and home support service. She develops a project in the area of social intervention, namely in the area of domestic violence and the elderly. Trainer in various areas of companies in the social and behavioral areas. Consultant for the area of social action and human resources at the Municipal Chamber of Bissau – Guinea Bissau. Responsible researcher at Universidade Lusófona Porto, in the PREVENTION OF DATING VIOLENCE project. PRE-SERVICE TEACHERS AS CONVEYERS OF GENDER EQUALITY VALUES (PREDAVI), which is part of a consortium financed by ERASMUS +, in which the University of Granada (coordination), Sapienza Universidad de Roma and Blue Beehive (ULP members) participate . Affiliate member of the TRIE Research Center.

Claudia Maria Huber

Claudia Maria Huber has been a lecturer at the Lusophone University of Porto since 2020. Between 2013-2019 she worked as a teacher at Católica de Santa Catarina, in Joinville / Santa Catarina, Brazil. Between 2008-2011, she managed the people management area at Unimed Noroeste. From 2006-2008, she took over the coordination of the Department of Personnel at the University of Cruz Alta (UNICRUZ). At the same time, she constituted a management consultancy, called “VR Consultoria Organizacional”, working in the public and private areas. With post-doctorate and doctorate in Management at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Porto (Portugal). Master in Development from the Regional University of the Northwest of the State of Rio Grande do Sul, UNIJUÍ (Brazil). Specialization in People Management from the Integrated Regional University of Alto Uruguai e das Missões, URI (Brazil). And, degree in Economic Sciences from the University of Cruz Alta, UNICRUZ (Brazil). Research interests are related to management, particularly in people management.

Marcus Soares

PhD in Systems Engineering and Computing from UFRJ/UPorto, with emphasis on Agent-based Simulation and Institutional Economics / Transaction Costs applied to Cloud Computing. Master’s Degree in Systems and Computer Engineering from UFRJ/UPorto, with emphasis on Sociotechnical Construction of Open-Source/Proprietary Information Systems based on Actor-Network Theory/Science, Technology and Society Studies. My research interests include Agent-Based Market Studies and Simulation, Market Transaction Costs and Information Systems, Sociotechnical Studies of Market Construction and Information Systems, among others.

Sérgio Alexandre Monteiro Prazeres

Sérgio Prazeres, graduated in Geography – Territory Planning and Management from FLUL, in 2002, and obtained the degree of Doctor in Geography and Regional Planning, in the specialty of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) at FCSH-UNL, in 2018. He also obtained a Postgraduate Degree in Management and Training Evaluation from ISLA Campus Lisboa. Lecturer at Universidade Lusófona in Lisbon, since 2007, where he teaches the Aeronautical Geography, Meteorology and Technologies in Aeronautical Management courses in the Aeronautical Management Degree course.
He coordinated teams in the scope of acquisition, standardization and validation of geographic information, in the scope of the Review of Municipal Master Plans, National Ecological Reserve and Environmental Impact Studies. Internationally, he stood out for his participation in the European project “GET UP – Geomarketing as an Entrepreneurship Tool”. As a technical consultant he participated in projects associated with spatial planning and urbanism, with a special emphasis on the National Territorial Information System (SNIT) and participated in the creation of the SIG Office of the National Program for Spatial Planning Policy (PNPOT). In the area of professional and advanced training he was a trainer / consultant at Fundação CEFA – Center for Studies and Autarchic Training, in Coimbra for 11 years. He started his career as a military man in the Portuguese Air Force, in 1993, reintegrating civilian life in the year 2000.
Enthusiastic about Maps, Geography, Aeronautics and Research, he guided his professional career in the development of skills in matters of GIS and Cartography, with an enormous desire to continue learning and a passion for the transmission of knowledge.

Carlos Jorge Carvalho

PhD in Business Administration (2011), ISCTE – Lisbon; . MSc in Marketing (2009), ISEG – Lisbon; . BSc in Economics (1988), FEUC – Coimbra; . Full Professor at IPLuso, since 2019; . Technical-Scientific Council Board Member; . Advisory Council Board Member; . Coordinator of the ESCAD Business Management BSc; Co-Coordinator of the ESCAD Tourism Business Management BSc; . Invited Professor at ULHT, since 2012; . Principal Investigator of the Digital CEO Project; . Member of the McKinsey’s World Panel of Executives, since 2012; . BPI Corporate Banking Director, from 1994 to 2018.

António Augusto Costa

António Augusto Teixeira da Costa holds a PhD in Economics at Lumière University, Lyon 2. He is currently a Full Professor at the Lusófona University of Humanities and Technology, where he is director of the 1st and 2nd cycles in Business Management. His research interests are new technologies, entrepreneurship and innovation.

Maria Isabel Alves Duarte

Maria Teresa Ribeiro Candeias

Maria Emilia Ferreira