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The launch event of the Nature-Based Solutions HUB Portugal took place from the 26th to the 28th of January with the support of the TRIE research center

The NBS HUB Portugal launch event took place in Portimão with the concept of: A Taste of … NBS: Co-Creation of Nature-Based-Solutions. The NBS HUB is made up of a network of experts and other stakeholders with the aim of sharing knowledge and good practices in the co-creation of nature-based solutions. The launch of NBS HUB Portugal results from the partnership of the URBiNAT Project, H2020 (CES, GUDA, CIBIO, U. COIMBRA) together with NetworkNature EU, the support of the city of Portimão, as well as TRIE- Centro de Investigação Transdisciplinar from Ensino Lusófona.

There were more than 40 specialists who came from several countries: Portugal, United States, Germany, Brazil, Norway, Hungary, Italy, Sweden, Spain, the Netherlands, among others… After the opening session on the 26th in the morning where EU Policy Officers from the area of Biodiversity & Nature-Based Solutions and representatives of NetworkNature Eu, presented what is happening in Europe in this area, the following sessions and on the 27th target more to citizens, senior technicians and other interested stakeholders so that they can, together with specialists, think about municipal ROADMAP for the NBS.

It was an transdisciplinary, inspiring, collaborative, co-created kick-off to the NetworkNature EU Nature Based Solutions Hub Portugal! Designers, engineers, social scientists, business owners, researchers, students, politicians, teachers, and city personnel came together to create connections between each other and to apply #naturebasedsolutions to connect the city center of Portimao to three sites – the waterfront, social housing, and a large green space.

In addition to the 40 international experts, the event was attended by over 150 people during the three days of the event.

The Nature-Based Solutions HUB Portugal is coordinated by Professor Américo Mateus Head of TRIE and the TRIE team included the Professors: Susana Leonor and Gabriel Patrocínio.