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Science to Ecosystem

Whether as a research partner, advisor or research expert in specific training programs or workshops, our Science to Ecosystems approach aims to work with small and large companies as well as public entities in all matters of building and developing real-life based Ecosystems. We propose that organizations and their staff take strategic actions into their own hands based on knowledge acquisition, co creating with others, open minds to change and network. Working jointly, we will identify the most important strategic challenges and provide co-solution finding and co-implementation support. Organizations will benefit from our ability to share strategic research based on practical experience-based knowledge.

We believe that future value can be found in business models spanning different industries as well as in cross-pollination with citizens, social and governance organizations. Therefore, our transdisciplinary researchers support companies, entrepreneurs and public institutions to identify, structure and manage their research-knowledge ecosystems to create and capture value beyond the usual.

TRIE aims to research, develop and support the creation of collaborative ecosystemic approaches to strategic projects. Our research team’s goal is to be positioned at the frontier of ecosystem research. By offering a space for strategic dialog across business, entrepreneurial and governance organizations, the Strategy Ecosystem Lab empowers ecosystem strategies so that our research partners are one step ahead of their competitors.