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universidade lusófona
Team Direction Board

Adviser and Collaborator Members

TRIE Scientific Adviser

Diana Da Silva Dias is TRIE scientific Adviser. She is full professor at Lusofona University and Senior Researcher at CIPES - Center for Research in Higher Education Policies. With an undergraduate degree in Psychology and a postgraduate diploma in Career Management, she holds a PhD in Educational Sciences. Admission as tenured professor in the fields of Learning Psicology (2016) and Management Sciences (2022). Besides her experience in international projects, she took along her career several positions of academic, scientific and pedagogical coordination. She was Vice-rector for research, quality and academic development in Laureate International Universities and she was also the European Representative in Laureate Research Council (Miami, FL-USA). As consultant for higher education quality, she works with A3ES, EUA, UNESCO and OECD. Nowadays she is Dean of two Faculties of Economic, Social and Business Sciences.

Senior PHD Researcher TRIE Collaborator
Senior PHD Researcher TRIE Collaborator