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Research Action Lines

Strategic Future Invisioning Ecosystems


Strategy Edge research indicates that effective strategy work is a combination of creativity (identifying options) and choosing the superior pathways to strategy decision-making. Strategy Future Envisioning Ecosystems has been designed on two building blocks – C1 Exploration and C2 Future Edge.

For TRIE, the action Strategic Future Invisioning Ecosystems

C1 – Exploration

Exploration supports the transdisciplinary creative search process to identify growth options, and expands the scope of action of companies by designing Speculative Future Scenarios. The method enables a systematic selection, “traceback” approach of superior future-oriented strategic options in the context of “no-boundaries” and “new knowledge frontiers” analysis and synthesis. The result is more profound strategic thinking, for more foresight and future growth.

C2 – Future Edge

Future Edge, i.e., anticipating opportunities and threats earlier and responding faster than the competition, is critical to gaining a competitive advantage in an uncertain and ever-changing business landscape. Foresight and being part of knowledge-based ecosystems determine whether a threat is perceived in time and whether, individually, a company can provide a timely response, and how prepared the company is to play its role in the ecosystem’s dynamics.

Future Edge sharpens the ability to recognize the competition of today and the future, and develops a skillset to advance in highly competitive markets.

The goals are: (a) to develop the ecosystems’ robustness, (b) to build business models’ adaptability readiness, and (c) to carve strong competitive positions for all players and actors.


  • 1 - UTOPIC FORESIGHT – Blending Science and Vision
    See further and wider, behave systematically, respond faster and play our role in the ecosystem growth.
  • 2 - GO DEEPER – Broadening the search horizon in the strategy process
    Depth and breadth – Cognitive boundaries of human thinking can limit the quality of strategy work; speculation and future scenarios aim to expand the field of vision for strategic work and development.
  • 3 - IMPACT – Building strategic intelligence
    • Strategy is not static, but adaptive and in constant change

Research Output

TRIE – Envisioning Futures ecosystems growth Model ® Building, Validation and Dissemination within Research Community and corporate Leadership