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universidade lusófona

Projects: Applied Research

  • 5 FCT research projects applications (2021-2022)
  • Horizon-Europe Applications in development
  • 1 ERASMUS PLUS Innovation Actions APPROVED
  • 1 Twining Town EU / Turkey research project APPROVED
  • 2 ERASMUS PLUS Projects Approved
  • 1 ERASMUS PLUS Projects submitted
  • 1 Self financed research projects ongoing


In the last few years, the contextual conditions for organizations have changed considerably due to technical and digital, as well as social, legal and ecological developments. The Transdisciplinary Research Center of Innovation & Entrepreneurship Ecosystems (TRIE) endeavors to make a valuable contribution to the analysis, design and generation of strategic ecosystemic solutions to cope with numerous challenges to the economy. To achieve this goal, the Center relies on fundamental research and close cooperation with business representatives, public governance institutions and citizens in general, through an approach based on co-creation of value, and an applied research orientation. It’s our aim to build research-knowledge based ecosystems, mainly focusing on closing the GAP between “old blood and young blood”, namely, well established small, medium and large companies, as well as start-ups and governance bodies.