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Science to Classroom

Cross fertilization Projects

In recent years, a necessary transformation of teaching practices at all levels of education has become evident. Much is written about the different and “new” practices, many universities are transformed (the classroom of the future, active education, project base learning, among others), many entities emerge to promote conferences, seminars, training actions, methodologies, tools … Yes, in fact all teachers have to be aware that these practices are transformational, visionary and evolutionary, because they are a reflection of the constant transformation of society and intrinsically, they have to be operationalized as a mechanism that trains people and professionals of the future. We believe that this evolution and deepening of pedagogical practices can only happen with the fertilization of research. This is our great challenge, to bring research and transdisciplinarity to the courses, to move the cross between areas of knowledge and thus actively help to transform the role of the teacher and to transform the role of the student in the teaching-learning models in applied research contexts!